Mission Statement

A team of environmental specialists devoted to developing low cost solutions to a wide range of the environmental issues facing Louisiana and surrounding Gulf states.

We specialize in wetland restoration and in using constructed and natural wetlands to improve point and non-point source water quality.  In addition, we have decades of experience in wetland assessment, monitoring, management and delineation. We also have developed relationships with environmental regulatory agencies to facilitate LPDES, CUP, CWA, SWPPP and other permitting hurdles. Our scientists have strong connections with Louisiana, including John Day, our company founder and Emeritus Professor at LSU, and all of our staff are graduates of Louisiana universities.

Comite Resources was established in 1998 by Dr. John Day initially for the purpose of evaluating, designing, and monitoring assimilation wetlands, a technique that he pioneered in Louisiana. Since this time, the company has evolved to provide a suite of environmental services. Assimilation wetlands are wetlands that receive discharge of secondarily treated and disinfected effluent from municipal wastewater treatment plants. This effluent would normally be discharged into nearby rivers and bayous, but by discharging into wetlands it provides much needed nutrients and sediments, which increases plant growth and enhances accretion (see Assimilation Wetlands). A variation of this technique is the use of wetlands, generally constructed, to decrease nutrient and sediment concentrations of stormwater runoff (see Stormwater Wetlands).

Comite Resources has worked to develop other wetland restoration techniques, such as the establishment of mangroves to increase soil strength and for carbon sequestration (see Carbon Sequestration). We are currently assisting the Biloxi Marsh Lands Corporation make a case for more state restoration dollars to be spent on the Biloxi wetlands (see Biloxi Marshes). Recently we have conducted field studies and historical research and provided expert testimony for a series of lawsuits related to damages to coastal wetlands (see Litigation Support). We also provide basic services, such as wetland delineation (see Wetland Delineation) and permitting (see Environmental Compliance). Scientists with Comite Resources have over 100 years of combined scientific research and regulatory experience in wetland and coastal environments worldwide. We provide ecosystem-based solutions for projects by designing site-specific strategies through a careful process of field monitoring, data analyses, literature review, and professional collaboration. This unparalleled service is why our company has been chosen by so many to be an integral part of their environmental project team.