A team of environmental wetland experts from the bayous of Louisiana devoted to developing low cost solutions to the pressing environmental problems facing Louisiana and surrounding Gulf states


Wetland Delineations

Comite Resources has conducted wetland delineations throughout Louisiana for over a decade.  A delineation includes assessment of vegetation, soils and hydrology, with expertise in these areas critical to the …

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Stormwater Wetlands

Stormwater Wetlands Urban development over the last several decades in the United States has greatly increased the amount of impervious surfaces, such as streets, rooftops, …

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Assimilation Wetlands

Assimilation wetlands are natural wetlands into which secondarily treated and disinfected effluent from a wastewater treatment plant is discharged to improve water quality and wetland …

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Biloxi Marshes

The Biloxi Land Corporation has hired Comite Resources as part of its land management team! The Biloxi Land Corporation manages the Biloxi marshes located southeast …

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Clients who choose Comite Resources can be assured they have chosen a team of ecologists and environmental scientists with an in-depth understanding of the problems facing coastal Louisiana and that offer the most effective and cost-efficient solutions possible.