The Rod Surface Elevation Table (rSET) is a variation of the Surface Elevation Table (SET) that uses solid metal rods that screw together rather than an aluminum tube used with traditional SETs. The advantage is that the rSET is typically drive down into the wetland soil to over 60 ft while the SET is limited to 20 ft. Like the SET, feldspar is deployed so that accretion can be measured, with the difference between accretion and surface elevation being attributed to shallow subsidence.

Comite Resources installed a dozen rSETs at the Jean Laffite National Park in the fall of 2021 as part of their evaluation of spoil bank removal in the park, and is currently in the monitoring phase of the project.

Laying down feldspar to measure accretion at the Jean Laffite National Park
Taking rSET measurements at the Jean Laffite National Park