Environmental Services

Wetland Delineation

Identify wetland boundaries
Wetland mapping
Report preparation

Wetland Restoration

Site assessment and baseline monitoring
Project planning & permitting
Restoration design
Vegetation planting & monitoring

Cypress-Tupelo Swamps
Freshwater emergent marsh

Hydrological modification

Impact Analyses

Implementation & monitoring
Project Management

Wetland Assimilation

Project Development
Feasibility studies
Ecological Baseline studies
Permit preparation (LPDES, CUP, 404, Water Quality certification)

Constructed Wetlands

Stormwater wetlands
Treatment wetlands

Free water surface wetlands
Horizontal subsurface flow wetlands
Vertical flow wetlands
Floating wetlands

Ecological Impact, Monitoring & Management


Quality – nutrients, sediments, heavy metals, P&PCP and other contaminants
Hydrology – water level, flux, flow patterns, hydroperiod, etc.
Spatial analysis of large waterways using flow-through technology
Submerged aquatic vegetation surveys


Ecological characterization – species composition, density, biomass, etc.
Forested and emergent wetland annual productivity
Tissue analysis for heavy metals and other contaminants
Control of invasive exotic plants


Soil type and organic matter content
Sampling for heavy metals and other contaminants
Wetland soil accretion & surface elevation changes (i.e., feldspar & SETs)


Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting, management plans & verification


Nutria monitoring & control
Endangered Species Surveys
Avian census surveys

Environmental Mapping

Bathymetric mapping
Vegetation communities
Critical & suitable habitat analysis

Environmental Compliance

Permit Preparation

Louisiana Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (LPDES) permit applications
Coastal Use Permit (CUP) applications
Toxic Substances Control Act Compliance Assistance & Audits
Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 404 Permits
CWA Section 401 Water Quality Certifications
Levee Board permits
Stormwater Pollution and Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
Regulatory Agency Assistance & Negotiations
LPDES Permit Compliance

Assessment of compliance issues
Create management plan to address compliance issues



Natural and Cultural Resource Surveys
Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
NEPA Compliance Assistance
Environmental Due Diligence Services
Oil spill & other contaminant assessment & remediation
Phase 1/Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments
Needs, Alternatives, and Justification (NAJ) Analyses
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation & Enforcement

Environmental Assessment

Threatened & Endangered species surveys

Management Plans

Risk Management Plans
Water resource management
Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP) Preparation
Stormwater Pollution Protection Plans (SWPPP)
Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA)
Wetland mitigation plan development
Ecological baseline studies

Litigation Support

Oil & Gas Impact Assessments
Historical Research
Data Reviews & Analysis
Expert testimony

Additional Services

Wastewater Treatment System Evaluation

Troubleshooting performance issues
Increase plant reduction efficiencies using novel technologies

Data Analysis & Management

Literature review
Statistical analysis
Database management
Report preparation

Water Quality Trading

Project development
Watershed trading framework assessment
Development of water quality trading plans
Water quality monitoring
Project review

Carbon sequestration

Project feasibility and design
Market Analysis