The Biloxi Land Corporation has hired Comite Resources as part of its land management team! The Biloxi Land Corporation manages the Biloxi marshes located southeast of New Orleans. These wetlands consists of saline and brackish marshes that act as a storm barrier for the New Orleans-Slidell land bridge. In the absence of the Biloxi marshes, the land bridge and areas west, such as Lakes Pontchartrain and Maurepas, would transition from freshwater or intermediate to brackish or saline. Comite Resources is measuring shoreline edge erosion, and wetland surface accretion, along with carrying out a water sampling program and instrumentation deployment.

These data will be combined with other historical data to persuade CPRA to include the Biloxi wetlands in the Coastal Master Plan, which currently has minimal resources devoted to the region. Comite Resources is proud to offer its services in this endeavor and is working closely with the Biloxi Land Corporation to assist in its goal of documenting the importance and relative sustainability of the Biloxi marsh complex.

Water level gauge and shoreline markers at a site in the Biloxi marshes